Work Experience

combination  of different skills to reach innovation



Entrepreneurship Division at CORFO (Production Development Corporation), Chile

CORFO is the Chilean economic development agency that works daily to improve the competitiveness and the productive diversification of the country by encouraging investment, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Early Investment unit, has the responsability of support the creation of 1,000 new ventures each year. In order to achieve this goal, a staff of 15 professionals run a total budget for more than USD 25,000,000 per year.  This budget goes directly to the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Which means, incubators, business accelerators and entrepreneurs.

Director of Early Investment

December 2017 - Present day

Evidence-based Policy and Innovation Research Lab (EPIC Lab), Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

EPIC Lab is a research lab aimed at studying the causal effects of entrepreneurship policies. Its main goal is to help the Ministry of Economy's entrepreneurship promotion division to design and assess their entrepreneurship programmes.

The Lab has been backed by the Ministry of Economy in Chile to lead research efforts associated with Start-Up Chile and CORFO, and to manage the data that are generated in and around their initiatives.

• Obtaining funds for the second year (2017) for USD 185K.
• Consolidating the core team (economist, software engineer, engineers).
• Managing the development of the first public entrepreneurship data base in Chile with data from Start- Up Chile, including 16 generations.
• Developing the first "Entrepreneurship Seminar" in Chile with focus on evidence-based research.
• Developing the White Paper Serie to diffuse the main findings across the stakeholders.

Executive Director

December 2015 - December 2017

University of Sussex

Alumni ambassador in Chile.

Consul in Chile

October 2015 - Present day


SmartLab UDD, Innovation and Development Unit, Universidad del Desarrollo

Founder of Smart Lab UDD, the first unit for digital experimentation within Universidad del Desarrollo. Smart Lab was launched in 2012, however, I started its definition in 2011, when the same year I earned the funds to create the area. 

• Obtaining the public funds from the Ministry of Education (Chile) in order to develop the unit for around USD 40,000.
• In charge of defining the unit for its first proposal for the University, including: aims, definition, budget, organizational chart and projects.
• Author and project manager of the mobile application ‘Candidatos Chile 2013’ (Candidates Chile 2013) for the presidential election, with about 40.000 total downloads in 2 months.
• Encourage the first technological consortium between CNN Chile and the University to support the presidential application.
• Author and project manager of the first mobile application for the University ‘UDD Mobile’ (UDD Móvil) for students, with around 15.000 total downloads in 3 months.
• I lead the first one-stop-shop and responsive platform for students, working directly with the IT department and an external supplier. This project is still under development.
• Internal advisor in digital projects and strategy for several schools and units.
• Successfully consolidated the unit within the ecosystem of innovation of the University in less than 10 months, always working as an corporate entrepreneur.

General Coordinator

May 2011 - July 2014


Business & Marketing Department, Universidad del Desarrollo

Business and Marketing unit that lead all the digital platforms of the University, as well as its brand.

• Lead digital project management pipeline for the brand (UDD) and drove internal units and schools in different types of digital projects in Santiago and Concepción.
• Managed 5 digital providers: developers, designers (UX) and digital marketing agencies.
• Advised 12 schools and several units in its digital projects.

• Develop the first manual for digital standards in web platforms and social media
• Incorporation of strategic providers in order to start to measure the investment in SEM, SEO, Social Ads and key metrics
• Defined and wrote the brief for the redesign of all the schools’ websites -more than 25- based in one-digital strategy
• Obtained the funds to created the Smart Lab UDD (see General Coordinator position)

Digital Coordinator

March 2011 - July 2012


AyerViernes - User Experience Consultancy

AyerViernes is one of the top 3 and the oldest User Experience (UX) consultancy in Chile for sectors such as finance, education, food, telecom, government among others. AyerViernes is member of the UX alliance. My role was to create and develop new digital business methodologies, digital innovative strategies for public and private organizations and innovative projects.

• I collaborated with the research unit as the co-author of the report “I’m Digital 2010”, as well as project manager for its diffusion and commercial goals. 
• With the Development team we co-created, a web platform that we made two days after the earthquake 8.8 in Chile in February 2010, using RSS technology to take information from different platforms to organize data for missing people, volunteer help, photos and news for each region, providing information sorted.
• I was in charge in the design and implementation of the digital strategy for the most relevant technological summit in Chile, Entel Summit where Don Tapscott in 2009 (author of Wikinomics & Grown Up Digital) and Jack Dorsey (Co- Founder of Twitter & Square) in 2010 were the speakers.
• Marketing committee member at the Interactive of Advertising Bureau (IAB), and judge in the creative committee (2009). 
• I created the training unit to foster digital technologies inside the private y public organizations.
• I developed the Social Media unit.
• AyerViernes is member of the UXalliance.

Head of Communication

April 2009 - July 2010


Digitaria - Digital Marketing Agency

One of the biggest and relevant digital marketing agency in Chile. I had the opportunity to develop digital campaigns and digital strategies for different companies such as: Banco de Chile, Entel PCS, Bice Seguros, Chilectra, Mars and Laboratorios Chile.

Digital Creative

August 2008 - April 2009