The Ecosystem of Innovation and Entrepreneurship UDD is how Universidad del Desarrollo communicate to all its stakeholders the initiatives that the University has developed for more than 25 years related to: Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability.

I worked directly with the Vice-President of Innovation and Development and the Director of Development (UDD) to create a holistic solution.

Responsibilities and achievements:

First, I proposed to develop an ecosystem that works as a subway map with 4 main lines (innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and sustainability), with different stations (initiatives) in order to connected all of them.

Secondly, I defined all the relevant content to communicate the ecosystem, such as: branding, images, texts, website, videos, music among others.

Thirdly, I led the development as a project manager. I did the search for different suppliers, and I wrote all the briefs  to create consistency across the suppliers, such as: information architecture (IA), user interface design, development, videos (scripts, animations, production) and music (references). This project was developed with a fairly tight budget.

Ecosistema de Innovación UDD from UDD on Vimeo.