Mobile application that I created for the Presidential Elections 2013 (Candidatos Chile 2013) in Chile to encourage an ‘informed vote’ for citizenship. I developed this project within the Universidad del Desarrollo in an alliance with CNN Chile after that I saw a huge waste of advertising without any relevant information during the last elections for senators in Chile.

The main features are: 9 candidates, all the proposals divided in: crime control, economy, education, energy, civil rights, environment, social policies, political reforms, international relations and health; experiences; timeline by CNN; Twitter timeline for each candidate; alerts (e.g. breaking news); and create your own programme.

Role and achievements:

  • Author
  • Project Manager for each milestone
  • Top 1 free-application on the app store (Apple), category News, in Chile (see the slider, above)
  • First time that the University developed a solution like this
  • Alliance with CNN Chile to give more awareness and news related to the topic
  • More than 40,000 total downloads
  • Compatible for iOS and Android
  • Low budget

Interface designed by Estafanía Trisotti and developed by Angelo Cabrera (ACM SpA)
The content of the app was collected and edited by undergraduate students from Political Sciences.

-> Download for iOS: clic here

-> Download for Android: clic here