Smart-Lab UDD, is the first unit for digital experimentation at Universidad del Desarrollo based on 3 main areas: digital projects, research in digital technologies and academic content. My role in the process was to obtain, for the first time, approximately 40,000 USD in public funds from the Chilean Ministry of Education, for the creation of the area and its first related technological projects.

This project is an ‘intrapreneurship‘ due to at that time I was working in another unit when I started to design the proposal in order to obtain the funds, then I had the approval by the University to create the unit as a formal initiative to integrate to the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Role and achievements:

  • Create, define, develop and implement the unit
  • Obtain the publics funds to develop the area (‘Institutional strategic development towards new digital technologies, for the proper understanding and innovation in the educational environment’, Ministry of Education Government of Chile)
  • Design the first proposal (2011): aims, projects, practice area, budget
  • Lead the branding
  • Create innovative projects with news technologies for the University (mobile apps among others)
  • Lead its first portfolio of projects compromised
  • Developed new ideas (see the portfolio)
  • Advise several units and schools in digital technology and communication
  • Mentor in digital entrepreneurship for the startup community within the University