This is the first mobile application developed for the community (students and staff). After that I obtained the funds (2011) I made a benchmark to understand the technologies, features, trends and capabilities to develop the project. Be the first application within the institution has some ‘invisible challenges’ such as create the interface from the scratch, define the icons, interactions, connection with IT services, authentications among others.

Main features:

Shuttle  schedules, people, library, student union, menu (dining), football field reservation, number of prints, news, events, student discounts, calculator, videos (Youtube), tweets and photos (Flickr).

Role and achievements:

  • Author (v.1.0)
  • Obtain the funds (2011) to develop the application
  • Benchmark
  • Define the brief to find a supplier
  • Project manager
  • Marketing campaign

Download for iOS, clic here

Download for Android, clic here