I am currently studying a Master of Science in Technology and Innovation Management, at SPRU, at Sussex University (UK), 2014-2015. Also I hold a Master or Arts in Applied Communication majoring in Innovation and Creativity and a BA in Social Communications. I started working at the biggest digital marketing agency in Chile (Digitaria). Then, in 2009 I worked for the main User Experience (UX) consultancy, also in Chile (AyerViernes). Later, in 2011, I began to work at Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD), where I designed, developed and implemented the first digital lab inside the university, called Smart-Lab, under the direction of the Vice-Presidency of Innovation and Development. In the meantime in 2012, with a partner, we founded Crowdy. A multi-purpose platform to provide crowdfunding services such as: data analysis and visualization, academic content and consultancy in alternative finance.

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